Group Tenant Liability


Designed to help venues help their tenants secure affordable and readily available insurance that the venue requires in their rental agreements.

As tenants lease your facility, you’ll be able to offer them the general liability insurance specified in your rental agreement. This assures you that the tenant is providing the insurance you require. It also means the tenant will usually pay less for the coverage than they would if they purchased it elsewhere.

The entire process couldn’t be easier. We start your policy with no upfront premium. You offer your tenants the option of buying into your policy (based on a rate chart we provide you) or to go through the hassle of finding & providing their own insurance. Because of our attractive group rates and ease of sign-up, most tenants will opt for your group policy.

The tenant’s premium is based on total attendance and not per event day like most other group policies. This can result in a significant savings for your tenant versus other policies.

Once your tenant decides to buy in to your group policy,  they can order and pay for their insurance via a secure link on our website.  Or you can choose to collect the premium during settlement after the event concludes.

Your tenant is the Named Insured under the policy and you are named as an Additional Insured as required in your lease.

Virtually any event is insurable, including:



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