Prize Insurance


Offering the chance to win significant prizes attract crowds to your event, increase your tickets sales and generate publicity.

This policy is for any event; sporting, fundraising, conventions, trade shows, dealerships (auto, snowmobile, boat, etc.), venues, betting clubs, banquets, etc.

Everyone loves the chance to win things. And you’re able to offer huge sums to win for premiums that are a fraction of the pay-out.

 A partial list of the type of contests we insure:

  • Basketball half court shots
  • Basketball 4 Skills (lay-up, free throw, 3 point, half court in 30 seconds)
  • NCAA Championships Pick The Bracket Contest
  • Hole In one Golf Shot
  • Golf Putting Contests
  • Pick 1 out of 100 Envelopes
  • Soccer Kicks
  • Football Field Goals
  • Facebook & Instagram Contests (Build followers).
  • Dice Rolls
  • Athlete Incentive Bonus
  • Bowl a 300 Game
  • Crack The Safe
  • Scratch Cards
  • Rubber Duck Races
  • Break A World Record Achievement
  • Fishing Contests (Tagged, State Record Weight)
  • Weather Promotions (Too much snow, not enough snow, etc.)
  • Direct Mail Promotions
  • And Many More

Real Client Policy Examples

Promotion Strategy Premium
A university client, wanting to attract more students to their basketball games, offers a $12,000 scholarship to the contestant who can make a lay-up, free throw, 3 point shot and half court shot, in 30 seconds or less. $285
A nonprofit client, holding their annual casino night fundraiser, displays a new Harley Davidson motorcycle from the local dealer and invites attendees to purchase 'dice rolls'. We supplied 6 specially printed dice that spelled out H-A-R-L-E-Y. Roll all 6 with those letters facing up and the bike is won. $750
A golf tournament hosts a $1,000,000 hole-in-one contest. 1 contestant (Raffle winner? Or tournament champion?) takes a shot for the grand prize. $300
A home builders association invites Parade of Homes visitors to choose a key and unlock the front door of a $250,000 showcase home. If the door unlocks, the contestant wins the house. $2,500
A sports bar offers a March Madness Basketball Challenge. $250,000 to the contestant who correctly picks the 63 game outcome of the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. Option is available to have a branded internet registration site. $1,000


  • From a single event to ongoing continuous events or activities.
  • For Event Organizers, Sporting Events, Dealers, Malls, Conventions,Festivals. etc.
  • Any event can have a customized prize promotion created for them.

Financial Security

  • Insurance carriers rated 'A' Excellent or better by A.M. Best
  • Insurance carriers rated 'A' or better by S&P for their ability to pay claims
  • Our insurance carrier's Policyholder Surplus, on average, exceeds $3,000,000,000 ($3B).


  • Limits available up to $10,000,000
  • Available in all states
  • In-house binding authority on most events