Workers’ Compensation

Covers your employees for work-related injuries, including medical bills, hospitalization and loss of wages. It’s required of almost all employers in almost all of the states.

Individual owners may have the option to opt-out of coverage on themselves. You might consider this if you either have broader separate medical and disability insurance already in place, or if you have separate medical insurance and would continue to be paid by the company even if you were injured.

Some states do not allow coverage for injuries to independent contractors (including employees you classify as 1099 labor-wink, wink). Other states require you to cover them unless they have their own workers’ compensation policy. Check with your state’s workers’ compensation authority to see where you stand.

If you are in a state that requires you to insure independent contractors, your workers’ compensation insurer has a right to charge you for their coverage when your annual audit is conducted. This is why we always recommend you only use independent contractor companies who can provide you with evidence they have their own workers’ compensation policy.



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