Products Liability

Also includes completed operations liability insurance and provides protection for you against injury to members of the public caused by a defective product you either manufacturer, sell, or give away.

Most, but not all, general liability policies automatically provide products-completed operations coverage. Sometimes, we are unable to provide this coverage if your products are considered hazardous; for example tobacco, cosmetics, motorized vehicles, etc.

Here are a few examples of product liability claims:

Example 1: A jewelry craftsman sells a pair of earrings at a local arts and craft fair. The buyer develops an infection after wearing the jewelry resulting in medical bills and lost time at work. Products insurance would provide coverage to the craftsman for any resulting claims.

Example 2: A spectator purchases a souvenir t-shirt sold by the promoter at a concert. The shirt was improperly labeled and contained fabric the spectator was allergic to. Products would provide coverage to the promoter for any resulting claims.

Example 3: A food vendor, selling chicken dishes. improperly prepares the food causing a bacteria to develop. As a result, some customers get food poisoning. Products would provide coverage to the food vendor for any resulting claims.

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