You've done a great job on your event. Planning was impeccable. You have topnotch attractions. Now, will the crowds come?

With Prize insurance, increase the odds that your event will be a sell out. You can offer fabulous prizes such as a car, a trip, even $1,000,000 cash, without the risk of a payout. You're able to offer your customers a unique, eye-catching prize for considerably less money than the prize itself.

Prize insurance helps attract crowds to your event, increase ticket sales, and generates great publicity.

Not sure what type of prize promotion to do? Tell us about your event, and we will offer you suggestions on what might work best for your situation.

Here are some examples:

Client Strategy

Summer Concert Series

An annual 10 week summer concert series wanted to increase attendance, especially for the final concert in the series featuring a nationally known artist. We designed a prize contest where attendees at the first 9 concerts registered for one chance to win a car at the final concert. The promotion was a big hit and total attendance increased 30% over last year's level.
Trade Show Exhibitor Wanting to create "buzz" and crowds at his exhibition booth, an exhibitor displayed a new Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary motorcycle and a mini craps table and invited attendees to "Roll the Dice and Win a Harley". Six dice were supplied. The rules were simple; Roll the specially printed dice to spell out "H A R L E Y" and the bike was yours. Attendees were talking positively about the promotion, and the exhibitor, for months after the trade show had ended.
Golf Tournament

Turn a ho-hum tournament into an exciting and must-attend event. You can easily offer a $1,000,000 hole-in-one prize for a premium that is a fraction of the pay-out. Not only will your target hole carry the grand prize, we will also provide consolation prizes for several of the other par 3 holes. Putting contests and driving range promotions are also insurable.

Nonprofit Benefits Whether black-tie or "come as you are" affairs, we can design a prize promotion for your charity benefit that will attract the donor crowds you so desperately try to target. $1,000,000 Scratch Card Games, Putting Contests, and Lucky Car Key Pick are several of the many promotions available to benefit dinners and parties.

And here are some actual events we have insured:

$1,000,000 Money Bag
Pick the lucky 1 out of 200 envelopes
Fee: 5,500

$10,000 Putting Contest
10, 30 & 50 foot combination
Fee: $620

$1,000,000 Hole In One
Fee: $300

$10,000 Soccer Kick
Fee: $500

$30,000 Hole In One
132 Contestants
Fee: $1,046

$16,000 Half-Court Shot
Fee: $800

$30,000 H-A-R-L-E-Y Dice Roll
2,000 Contestants
Fee: $1.50 per contestant

$1,000,000 Soccer Kick
Fee: $5,600

$6,000 Hole In One
144 Contestants
Fee: $304

$25,000 Crack The Safe
Fee: $400

$10,000 Basketball Contest
24 Seconds to Complete a Lay-up, Free Throw & 3 Point Shot
Fee: $500

How to Apply:

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Last Updated: April 16, 2014