Updated March 2010

Wedding Events Are Booming



There were 2.3 million weddings in the United States last year. The total costs, not including the honeymoon, were over $60 billion. That averages out to $25,000 per wedding. Although today's weddings tend to be smaller, they are more elegant affairs.

Many states, especially destination states such as Hawaii and Nevada, have seen the number of weddings double over the last ten year. 40 percent of all wedding guests now fly to attend a wedding.

No longer regulated to spring and summer, weddings are now year-round affairs. May through August are still the peak wedding months, accounting for just over 40 percent of weddings annually, September and October aren't far behind, together averaging almost 20 percent. January is the slowest month, averaging only 4.5 percent. But the remaining five months — November, December, February, March and April — show strong numbers, ranging from 6.5 to nearly 8 percent, accounting for a combined average of 34 percent.

The number of weddings we insure increased 300% in 2004 over the same period the previous year. After many requests, we have arranged to provide a package of insurance coverage specifically designed to protect weddings and other private celebrations.

Our new Wedding Insurance Package and Private Celebration Package contains most of the coverage needed for these special events, including liability, event cancellation, weather, and property protection. Premiums for both programs start at only $220.